Margaret Ehle – Speaker Bio

Margaret Ehle

“After running a small business in Florida, I moved to Pennsylvania in 1985 and began working part-time at Chambersburg Broadcasting as the internal auditor. That job helped me learn my way around the radio stations and The Franklin Shopper. The Franklin Shopper was started in 1984 and I became publisher in 1990. It was a “learn by doing” experience and I thank my father and involvement with regional free paper groups for helping me learn the business. In 1994 I took over as President of Chambersburg Broadcasting Co. and managed the radio and print business. After the radio stations were sold, I continued on as Publisher of The Franklin Shopper and also manager of The Professional Arts Building.

I enjoy the free paper publishing industry. The regional and national associations are very open about helping each other and exchanging ideas. I like to see the final product in print, though these days more of what we do is digital. I am very passionate about moving our product to become more of an online presence through web and social media. In 2012 we hired our first digital media manager. As we move into the future my goal is to help local businesses navigate their own digital transition.”